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September 16, 2019, 1:23 pm
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Mostly cloudy
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Cape Town Tours | Welcome to Charles Ratcliffe Private Tours

A warm welcome to Charles Ratcliffe Private Tours, guided through the eyes of your private tour guide, Charlie Ratcliffe. This tour company is a culmination of over 10 years experience conducting private tours, and over
30 years of both guiding and within southern Africa.We specialize in Cape Town tours bringing passion, enthusiasm and experience to your journey, and are committed to providing a service that is personalized to your travel
needs. There are a variety of Cape Town day trips on offer, although more extensive overland tours are also available.Your host and guide, Charlie Ratcliffe, (M.Sc.; B.A. (hons); B.Soc.Sci.; diplo. Nat.Cons. Cultural Guide)
was brought up in Cape Town, and has had strong ties to exploring the environment from a very early age. Both his parents actively sought to travel and explore southern Africa with kids in tow and thus growing up, as Charlie puts it, “was
like paging through a copy of National Geographic”. Soon after school, Charlie did a game ranger apprenticeship at one of the bush lodges in Mpumalanga province adjacent to Kruger National Park.Having obtained a diploma in Nature Conservation, he then returned to the area to take guided tours
and trails.
Charlie furthered his studies through obtaining a Masters degree at the University of Cape Town – his thesis involving the conservation of a key farmland bird species.Subsequently, Charlie returned to his guiding
roots, and currently lives in Cape Town where he has been guiding as a Cape Town tour guide for the past 10 years. He is passionate about birds, flyfishing, and photography.

Popular Tours

Cape Town is blessed with a variety of cultures, scenery and experiences that has catapulted it onto the tourist destination stage. The Popular tours give you insight into this world by showing you the best of what Cape Town has to offer.
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Personalised Tours

If you read “About Us”, you will soon realize that your guides’ interests lie outdoors. The Personalised tours offered are an expression of that, and are tailor-made to your niche interest, budget and time.
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Seasonal Tours

As the name suggest, timing is everything here, but its worth it…..! Everything seems to happen between August and November for these tours, so read more, and book your experience.
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