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Cape Town
August 26, 2019, 2:09 am
Intermittent clouds
Intermittent clouds
wind speed: 0 km/h NNW
sunrise: 7:13 am
sunset: 6:24 pm


Client Feedback about Charlie :“Charlie, you were the best. You kept your patience and humour and showed us a wonderful part of the country. A truly memorable week.”

Sally, John & Erica “Charlie. Thank you so much for all of your help. We feel so lucky to have been blessed with you joining our group. We hope to see you again soon.”

Elisabeth, Anne, Langley, Hill & Jimmy “Dear Charlie. You are terrific! We so enjoyed your informative good nature and great stops. You helped make this one of our best trips (and a great birthday).”

Eve, Alex & Jason “Dear Charlie. What a fantastic, exciting, exhilarating, phenomenal trip we had! Can’t thank you enough for every single minute. You have a talent for showing each client, each time, with the enthusiasm and interest you must have had for your first clients. Quite a gift.”

Bob & Mary, Dan & Carol “Thanks Charlie. It was great fun. We appreciate all the stuff you shared with us. For us, a great deal of the enjoyment in a visit like this is learning as much as possible about the people,
the history, the flora, the fauna of the area while having some great laughs. You did a GREAT job and we appreciate your attention to details.”

Martha & Irwin